Please Make Checks Payable To… 

Why do I feel like my life’s value should be measured by a paycheck? No paycheck, no value. 

Women now HAVE to work if their children are in school, or they’re considered financial burdens; lazy, money wasters with no purpose. 

Personally, I would love to make money and contribute to the family finances. It’s the reason for this blog. I do not want to go back to work, though. 

When I was in school, there were  internal, external, and financial pressures to choose a major. I did, and I spent ten years on that career path because of those pressures. 

Then I had twins and have stayed home to raise and care for them since it was an option for our family. 

Now, though, after the littles have been in the public school system for a full year and started their second year, I am seeing pursed lips and foot-tapping. 

Well, guess what? I want my cake AND I want to eat it too. I know not everyone gets an opportunity like this, and I shouldn’t look this gift horse in the mouth. I am incredibly grateful for it. 

Basically, what I’m asking, can you send money? It would help a lot. Thanks. 

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