I Miss Kindergarten

I was scrolling through my news feed and saw a post about a friend’s Kinder daughter “loving” a boy at school. It reminded me of my own daughter’s Kindergarten boyfriend. He isn’t in 1st grade with them now. 

Being the resilient child my girl is, she has already moved on. She has a new 1st grade boyfriend, and I am not fully prepared for this new relationship. 

I miss the Kinder boyfriend. Times were so much simpler then. Now, there’s a new one for me to get to know and get attached to, and then poof, he’ll vanish in 2nd grade, and I’ll have to get over him too. 

At least, its only one of my girls with “boyfriends” so far. Maybe they’ll both stop liking boys in second grade. Maybe they’ll focus on school and learning, and I won’t have the gut-wrenching heartbreak of another breakup for a few years. It could happen, right? 

One will get the boy crazy out early, and her sister will never get boy crazy. That’s the dream anyway. 

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